Bert is an award-winning branding agency with a global outlook.

Our work covers three main areas:

1. The creation of new brands.
2. Evolving existing brands.
3. Creating brand campaigns and collateral.

Dedicating ourselves to branding has helped us become recognised specialists in our field. We create corporate, product and service brands for some of Europe's largest and most progressive businesses.


We were the UK's first agency to harness CoCreation as a method for creating brands.

Hands-on, participatory methods for stimulating and channeling creativity have since become widely recognised as best practice.

We still lead the field having developed our proprietary three stage process for creating brands. The principles of CoCreation sit at the very heart of this process and continue to influence how we work and all we produce.

Creating Brands

Your brand is the sum of every sensory interaction you have with your audiences.

We help you identify needs, understand how your brand can fulfil them, and then create and deliver your brand with clarity and consistency across all touchpoints.

Evolving Brands

We firmly believe longevity is the truest measure of success. Brands that resonate with a core human belief rather than a trend have the power to stay relevant throughout generations. But knowing how and when to evolve is an art form in itself.


Creating brand campaigns and collateral.

People need brands, just as much as brands need people. Brands have become an irresistible, crucial part of who we are. They’ve connected our world, transcended cultures, and are forming indelible links between generations.

It’s our job to connect the right people with the right brands. Brands that make a statement. Brands that enable people to experience something new. Brands that create belonging. And brands that simply do it better than the other guys.

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