About Gift of Time

Since 1949, adidas has had an unwavering belief that through sport they have the power to change lives.

But, they knew that to continue to be successful, they needed to get closer to their customers than ever before. To achieve this, adidas built a plan around three strategic choices that would enable them to focus on, and learn even more about their customers.

As part of this, adidas reviewed and adapted store processes and ways of working, to create more time for store staff to focus on customers. For retail staff, a new service value proposition was born – the Gift of Time.

Bert was commissioned to produce a short film that communicated this proposition, with adidas staff, in a compelling, engaging way.


Film + Motion


The Process

We used CoCreation as the vehicle to stimulate our ideas and thinking. We spent time with the project team to truly understand the proposition, the store changes being made, and what they wanted from the additional time that was created.

CoCreation uncovered that adidas store staff are adidas customers. They already believe what adidas believe. This meant that if we could connect the dots between the work they do to engage customers in store, and the effect this has on the customers’ lives, we could inspire an army of brand advocates.

Through CoCreation we generated different routes, sketched ideas, developed the storyboard and created an animatic before moving into production.



In order for the film to resonate with store staff, it needed to inspire them in the same way a consumer advert would.

In the spirit of mobilising an army of brand advocates, a call to arms was created - Time is a gift – use it well. The film was driven by pace and energy to inspire employees to bring joy to each and every customer.

The concept engaged employees by creating urgency through a clever use of mixed media – large impactful type, animation, video and photography combined with an epic soundtrack for maximum impact.