Giving the brand a healthy new advantage

Health Assured is a leading provider of employee assistance programmes (EAP). They’re the people that companies trustto help employees deal with a wide range of issues including stress, workplace problems, ill health and much more.

Our research revealed that the positioning of most EAP providers focuses on care and support messages, but these carry little weight with decision makers when choosing an EAP for their organisation.

Based on this insight we developed a clear, differentiated brand strategy for Health Assured which resonates strongly across their target audiences. Your healthy advantage describes the competitive benefit that businesses enjoy when their people are fit, healthy and happy, as well as the care and support that individuals receive.

From this starting point, we then undertook a complete reappraisal of the Health Assured brand, developing a narrative system forcommunications, a new visual identity including logo and guidelines, and a full suite of print and digital collateral for the Health Assured team to take to market.

“UK EAPA is calling for a re-position of the EAP as a business performance driver, promotion of the EAP as an everyday support service for wellbeing...”

Employee Assistance
Professionals Association

In great shape

Health Assured has become established as the most popularEAP provider across the UK and Ireland, supporting over 8.9 million lives and providing services to the likes of the NHS,IBM and Siemens.