¿Madrid, que?
Our venture began when we first spoke of establishing our small bureau in Madrid.

“Madrid, why?’

“It’s not a city for creatives!”

We disagreed.

We sought to understand Madrid’s creative heart by finding curious people, in both senses of the word, who would help us uncover the city’s true identity through their own experiences.

Things got out of hand…
These talks, events, and eventually interviews became so compelling that we started to record them. In essence, with no intention of ever doing so - we’d started our own magazine.

ROAM was born, allowing a global audience to read, watch, listen to and experience incredible stories told by creatives who are honouring Madrid’s rich cultural past and shaping its future. The artisans featured include handcrafted leather goods co. Oficio Studio, master wood-turner Siete Formas and experiential storytellers Espada y Santa Cruz.

It also offered readers the chance to experience and visit the places and spaces that inspire them, from galleries, parks and cafes to beautiful hidden hangouts that don’t feature in city guides. Rare products directly from featured artisans were also available to buy through the online store.

A true passion project

Video content and features were initially released every Sunday morning at 9.00am GMT over a 12-week season. Mid-week articles were also be released on occasion, featuring unplanned content we felt compelled to share. ROAM became an entirely self-initiated and self-funded affair with a city that we, and many others, hold far closer to our hearts as a result.