About Thinc

Thinc is the new name and identity for DCS, the UK’s no.1 IT partner for SMEs. With offices in Newcastle, Manchester and Hertfordshire, Thinc supports expansion-stage businesses reach their full potential.


Brand Identity
Narrative + Strategy
Web design + development
Film + Motion


The process

The leadership team at Thinc adopted co-creation for every aspect of their re-brand, from renaming through to the visual identity creation. This engagement helped elevate the work, but also ensured the risks inherent in rebranding and renaming an already successful brand were carefully mitigated.

A dedicated project team, with representation from every Thinc department ensured deep engagement with the whole company. Co-creation also involved partners and customers at key stages of the project, to ensure the new brand was loved, even before its launch.



Each aspect of the Thinc brand has been designed to seamlessly align with every other aspect of the identity system. This begins with the name. Thinc is an abbreviation of The Intelligenty Company, which in turn features in the brand’s purpose ‘Creating Intelligent Companies’. Becoming an Intelligent Company is the goal for many Thinc clients and prospects, and the term is quickly becoming synonymous with Thinc and a valuable part of its intellectual property.


Visual identity

The visual identity centres on the wordmark Thinc and the ‘Amplify’ symbol. The identity was created on Thinc’s belief that human potential can be elevated by automating routine processes; both intelligence and a digital impression of rotating cogs that drive industries forwards feature in the Amplify symbol.


Design signifiers

We created a series of brand signifiers to aid visual recognition of the brand and add depth to the identity system. The signifiers include an adaptive logomark, which morphs to communicate the core human behaviours proven to amplify business performance.


Digital experience

The legacy website was re-imagined. The site is now brand-led, communicating Thinc first with key partner brands such as SAP, Sage, Microsoft and Kaspersky supporting the core proposition.

Our content and social marketing team has developed detailed thought leadership campaigns to leverage Thinc’s Intelligent Companies intellectual property and to engage prospects.

Social templates and design kits were also delivered for use by the in-house team.


Art Direction

We planned, managed and directed a series location shoots with the Thinc team to create a library of brand images for use across all campaigns and collateral. The brand’s ‘amplifying human potential’ proposition is core to all Thinc brand photography. This shift from technology has helped differentiate Thinc and neatly communicates its story.

The photography communicates the brand’s approach and values, showing Thinc colleagues in client and partner workplaces. The shots, although carefully composed, represent the consultative, hands-on approach of the Thinc team.


Print communication

Despite digital tools and channels driving the majority of brand interactions, print continues to play a vital role for the brand. A brand book has helped customers, prospects and colleagues engage with Thinc, and internal guides distributed by brand champions have been vital in generating support and engagement amongst all colleagues.