The Project

Founded on the principle of creating buildings that have purpose and enhance their surroundings, Clear Architects is renowned for its bespoke, high end architecture. Founder and MD, Melanie Clear, expressed the need to develop their visual identity to better reflect their founding principles, including brand architecture and art direction, before bringing it to life online.


Visual ID Development
Art Direction
Web Strategy & Design
User Experience


The Process

We started by auditing Clear's visual identity and pre-existing website. This revealed a visual identity lacking consistent and recognisable design assets, beyond the logo, and a site that acted as an extensive image library, but lacked real purpose and depth. We then used our CoCreation process to guide Clear through the project, gaining invaluable insight from Clear's team, partners and customers. We learned about their unique approach and desire to beautifully balance form and function. These insights shaped our thinking in developing the visual identity; adding purpose through the functional spec and wireframing; and completing the design and development of the site.


The Outcome

We recognised that decisions would be made on the strength of their approach and their work. The site was designed to bring through the visual identity principles, pairing beautiful imagery with powerful stories. Each project page was designed to take users on a journey by highlighting the creative process, key project features and meticulous thinking that's goes into Clear's work. A bespoke page builder was also developed to provide the flexibility to post and update projects from the planning and ideation stage, right through to design and build. We also layered in richer design features through smooth animation and subtle parrallax to enhance the user experience.


Visual Identity

We developed Clear's design architecture to create a consistent visual language across the site. Each design element takes inspiration from architectural blue prints and drawings, using simple dots, lines, arrows, crosses and vertical text, to draw attention and help guide the user through the site.


Art Direction

Our art direction and creative guidance helped to inspire how Clear showcase their projects, and improve how they share their team culture. We helped them to focus on tight crops and close-ups of specific property features, which has become a feature of the website. This work also led to a more creative team shot, showing a fun and welcoming team culture, and a series of profile images that brought professionalism and warmth through a consistent approach.