About EY FS

Dedicated to ‘building a better working world’ EY are one of the largest professional services firms in the world, helping organisations solve their toughest challenges and realise their ambitions.

As an emerging specialism within EY, EY Financial Services (EY FS) focuses on training and nurturing minds that are dedicated to transforming and shaping the financial services industry.

Bert was commissioned to create a global website dedicated to EY FS. Working alongside the EMEIA brand team, and EY’s global IT team, our role was to bring to life the EY FS proposition.


Web design
Motion design
Experience design


The Process

EY adopted CoCreation to help navigate their project through multiple stages with numerous stakeholders, across different geographies.

Using CoCreation allowed us to work closely with a dedicated project team – the EY EMEIA brand team. We used tried and trusted CoCreation workshops to finalise the functional specification for the site; develop a site and content map; build interactive wireframes, and agree the overall direction for the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

CoCreation also meant that we were able to get involvement from key decision makers at all critical stages of the project. This ensured that we had full buy-in at every stage before advancing to the next, and was critical to meeting all key project milestones and achieving the agreed go-live date.



Each aspect of the EY FS global site was created to seamlessly align with the core EY identity and purpose. This meant creating a site that was simple and easy to use, but rich with interactive and engaging features.

The site provided colleagues, clients and prospects with a single point of access to the EY FS proposition, all FS products and services, and key content.

Advanced HTML features

CoCreation also uncovered a desire within the EY EMEIA brand team to try and enrich the user experience by pushing newly available HTML functionality to create a series ‘firsts’ amongst their competitors.

This led to a series of rich site features including a dynamic, endless insights maps, with pointers that interacted with users as they scrolled; an animated word river to demonstrate the breadth of the EY FS capabilities, which stopped and reacted to the presence of the users cursor; and rotating globes that gave users access to team members from across the world at the click of a button.

Built to be mobile first

With a time poor target audience in mind, the new EY FS site was designed to be mobile and tablet first. This provided easy access to engaging and interactive FS content whilst on the move.


Animated Walkthroughs

Following the launch of the new website, Bert also created animated walk throughs designed to highlight all key features and functionality of the new site.

These animations were made available through the staff intranet, and played on large and small plasma screens throughout EY offices all over the world.


Global Launch

To help launch the new EY FS proposition and website, internally and externally, we created a launch campaign and all supporting communications for EY.

The campaign centred around an interactive experiential POD. The POD was formed to replicate the EY frame, and contained a series of touchscreens and multi-sensory technology to allow colleagues, customers and prospects to see how the website worked, watch and listen to case studies, and view the new EY FS brand film.