A century of change

Harold Sharp is a financial services company which was established in 1927. With over 90 years of success behind it, it’s a brand that has plenty of stories to tell.

They’ve seen notepads become iPads, and the rise of technology. And over the years they’ve diversified their products and services, resulting in a mix of sub-brands. So, to coincide with a move into new headquarters in St Peter’s Square, Manchester, Bert was asked to review the situation and align the group under one clear identity.

Creating clarity

Our approach was to consolidate history, technical excellence, expertise in new cloud accounting technologies and research and development, to create one overarching brand for the business, with the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of products and services in a consistent and recognisable way.

The new master brand is purpose-led, positioning Harold Sharp as the financial partner that delivers clarity for a complex world. To support this purpose we identified key themes for the brand: a strong track record, a forward thinking and progressive approach, and its role as a valued partner.

To deliver the new brand we worked closely with the CEO and leadership team; reviewed their corporate plan and strategic documentation; interviewed key clients; audited competitors and the accountancy landscape.

A sharper identity

The story looks set to continue for Harold Sharp well into their second century. The new brand has already proved to be an effective vehicle for them in securing new business, including (within three months of launch) a £50m-turnover, sector-leading sports apparel brand.

"The difference? Bert 'got' us straight away.
They created our purpose, brand, narrative and materials. It's repositioned Harold Sharp entirely, and the reaction of colleagues, clients and the wider market has been exceptional."

Andrew Copping, Partner, Harold Sharp