About Longitude

Longitude is arguably the world's leading thought leadership company.

Longitude works with a collection of the world's best respected brands including Siemens, Oracle, Credit Suisse and PWC, to create high-impact campaigns.

We were approached by Longitude's leadership team to review and improve its visual identity.


Brand Identity
Narrative + Strategy
Art direction


The process

Our Clarify, Create, Connect programme was adopted. Clarify revealed the brand already had solid foundations, with strong recognition amongst both clients and prospects. But significant weaknesses were also highlighted, which unless addressed could restrict the brand’s growth.

The Create stage built upon the foundations, creating a stronger visual identity system around a significantly improved narrative. And multi-channel on and offline marketing campaigns have supported the brand’s rapid ascension.

All activity is co-created with the Longitude leadership and marketing teams.



Within twelve months of the rebrand Longitude was successfully acquired by the Financial Times. Operating successfully within the FT Group, Longitude continues to grow from strength to strength.

Bert continues to work with Longitude, designing and delivering multi-channel marketing campaigns, core brand materials and brand extensions such as the Thought Leadership Network.


Visual Identity

Our Clarify process reviewed all aspects of the visual identity from a technical and performance perspective. The original logo-mark was our starting point, which had home-designed feel, and was deeply flawed technically. But Longitudinal ‘waves’, central to the mark, had significant traction amongst prospects and existing customers. A decision was therefore made to build upon the existing identity, rather than replace it.

The logo was modernised and professionalised, with the original waves becoming a clearer symbol of amplification. The font hierarchy was improved for both digital and print communications, and the restricted colour palette was opened up, whilst retaining the strength and equity of the Longitude orange.

Photography, iconography and data visualisation principles were added to a detailed set of brand guidelines, allowing Longitude to create stronger materials across all platforms.


Digital experience

We designed and delivered the Longitude website. Longitude’s new narrative identity played a significant role in reimagining how a Longitude web and mobile experience should be. The homepage acts as an elevator pitch, successfully communicating the Longitude value proposition. The site is a central hub for all Longitude marketing activity. We also supported the Longitude marketing team with its marketing, helping design and establish its marketing automation platforms.


Brand collateral

We design and deliver the central assets for many of Longitude’s marketing campaigns. The new narrative and visual identity is central to all activity, ranging from ads, animation, thought leadership guides and digital multi-channel marketing automation.