Rove is an online travel brand for adventurers looking to discover remote, physically challenging, authentic adventure experiences. We worked with Rove’s team in Thailand to unpack their idea and launch an incredible new travel offer to the world.

The answer within

Our co-creation process helped define Rove’s true audience; adventure travel purists. We lifted the lid on deep-rooted beliefs and attitudes towards adventure. These discoveries included a weariness with false’off-the-beaten-track’ promises and a shortage of reliable local knowledge to help plot complex adventure routes in distant continents.

These truths guided us to our seemingly simple core proposition. Rove wasn’t an online adventure travel agent. It was a 'man on the ground’. The Rove team is made up of avid kayakers, swimmers, cyclists, trail runners, mountaineers and adventure addicts. They live, raise their families and care passionately about retaining the anonymity of the locations they work. But they also share a desire to open their ‘homes’ to like-minded explorers.

Creating the experience

With travel agencies dismissed as lame and online reservations too remote, Rove's experience needed the human touch. Not booking systems or call centres, but connections with real Rove Guides. The same Rove Guides who weeks later would be tearing up a dirt trail ahead, helping line-dry your bivvy or salt crusting your red tilapia supper.

The brand

The brand

Our work has been all encompassing, creating the name Rove, channeling the strategy, developing the brand, creating overarching launch campaigns and art directing photography and digital experiences. The brand launched in 2017 with great success, gaining immediate traction in an established and highly competitive marketplace.