A shifting landscape

Triggerfish is the UK’s leading PR consultancy for the hospitality and events industry. Already a hugely successful business, with a client roster any consultancy would be proud of, founder Andrew White foresaw the need for strategic evolution to prepare significant changes in Triggerfish’s key markets.

A decade of disruption forced traditional PR agencies to evolve or risk becoming irrelevant. Triggerfish navigated these changing times with incredible dexterity – and emerged a stronger, larger business with a global client roster. Our brief was to build upon an already successful brand, identifying and leveraging the assets and features that would help Triggerfish grow further.

Brands including the V&A, 02, Lords, RIBA, Tottenham Hotspur FC, The Lawn Tennis Association and Manchester City FC rely on Triggerfish to grow their own brands. Showcasing the exceptional work and growth stories delivered by Triggerfish was one part of our challenge. Beyond this, Triggerfish needed to open clients’ eyes to the future possibilities for their brands. Their formula for growing brands is truly unique, and simplifying this and elevating this asset was key.

Demonstrating culture

The Triggerfish team is comprised of passionate, highly skilled yet humble multi-disciplinary communications professionals. There’s a hard-working, hard-thinking, hard-playing attitude that shines through. Whole team & client lunches aren’t a gimmick (we joined in to experience these first hand), they’re part of a culture of openness, collaboration and success. Capturing this culture, which through research shone through as Triggerfish’s key brand asset, was a key part of our work.

Getting it out there

The new Triggerfish brand has helped them grow further still, growing their team and culture, and winning new work with, and bringing originality, exposure and momentum to, a new set of landmark destinations, world-leading venues and a collection of luxury hotels and restaurants.